Champagne Lacroix

Great Reserve

Great Reserve
Great Reserve

Champagne Lacroix

Great Reserve

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24,50 € /75 cl

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60% Pinot Noir

20% Meunier

20% Chardonnay





Tasting notes

The Eye: the pale gold color gives us water green reflections.

The Nose: the floral nose gives off scents of fresh flowers.

The Mouth: generous and spicy palate, with aromas of apple and gingerbread.


Accompany our Champagne with...

Aperitif accompanied by foie gras and truffle dishes

Awards received

Gold medal at the 41st Épernay “Champagnes du Vignoble” competition
Wine selected by the Authentic Wines & Terroirs Guide
1 star in the Hachette Guide

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